Rubbings – neither print nor drawing

By Lin Stafne / February, 1, 2012 / 0 comments

Drawing table within the exhibition-hallWinner imageMost people are familiar with the very concept of rubbing images onto paper, for example, with tracing details of a coin by first covering it with a sheet of paper and then let the pencil run over it. In the exhibition “Neither print – nor drawing: the rubbings of Edvard Munch”, the audience is invited to experiment with the technique of frottage. On this occasion, the Munch Museum launches a competition where we will pick a weekly winner. The “Frottage of the week” will be presented on one of the walls in the last exhibition-hall and on the museum’s website. The winner may choose between a range of exciting prizes from the museum shop. The exhibition goes on until 28 May 2012, and at the end of the exhibition period, three main winners will be chosen. More about the competition here.